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Saturday, January 23, 2016

For the Love of Indians and Poetry

So the last time i came here was some years ago. And surprisingly i have had more visitors from India, than any other country apart from Nigeria. So here is the poem i wrote for Indians and performed at the Diplomatic Jazz Night Curated by Onyeka Nwelue and Organized with the help of the able Mitterand Okorie.

Date of Performance was 16th of January 2016 at the Indian High Commission Abuja.

When tomorrow comes,

And you do not find me here,

Search for me over there,

Between the domed roofs of the Taj Mahal,

For I wish to become the eighth wonder of the world,

And write my own love story,

on the temple walls,

Or on the surface of its waters.

But if I am lost on a winter's day,

Then bring me a coat without delay,

For I will certainly be in Kashmir mir, the land dressed with snow,

or upon the Dal Lake,

Humming the songs of paradise, with birds.

When life threatens to hold me down,

I will take a trip to Goa,

Lie upon its sun bleached, golden sands,

Or sway with the palms to the music of the wind,

For when we have traveled through the seven islands,

And bathed in the bright lights of Mumbai,

Then we shall plant our hearts in the gardens of Bangalore,

And set sail to Cape Comorin,

Where the waters meet,

Where the Sunrise is more beautiful than the sunset,

a good place to die.

When the tempest threatens my soul,

I will journey to the Palace of Winds in Udaipur,

To bring back a worthy crown for Lord Krishna,

I will see through nine hundred and fifty three small windows, a worthy route for escape.

In my dreams,

Lagoons are stringed together like a chain of glistening jewels from Hyderabad,

across the neck of Kerala,

Where water falls like velvet snow,

Across the backs of elephants,

Come, come with me on this journey to peace,

Let us feast on cherries at Pondicherry,

And sip tea at Darjeeling,

let the Queen of the green Hills take you higher than Kanchenjunga.

Let us gaze upon time,

cut out of rocks and frozen among the Amanda caves,

Let us send letters home through

the floating post office.

Tell our sisters we have found the home of shampoos,

Tell my brothers, we found the cradle of the chess game,

Tell them we are at the birth place of the Indus,

Where the Champions of Kabbadi baddi reside,

And when this letters are on their way home,

And we are let pass the Gates of India,

Then let us bow before the Lotus temple,

For within its petals seats the beating heart of India,

let us smile and say,

Welcome, welcome to India.

What do you think?

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