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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

one problem with being offline for a few days is- you miss a lot, its like school, you go for two weeks, and nothing happens, its all boring, then you miss a day, and iyanya shows up, there are seven fights and fashola came around, its crazy.
have been on fb for a while checking out what i missed, and i feel like crying, damn the flex of this blackberry, anyways what have you been upto? o ye few but faithful followers?
today i'll give you all a sneak peek...............imagine a school of arts, where you can learn how to write? prose, poetry everything, plus bead-making, interior decorating, etc and the great thing is some of the teachers are your idols, chimamanda adichie taking you a writing class, chuma nwokolo, and more of the best in each field? sounds far-fetched? well i'm dreaming up that school in a few weeks......LYRIVERSITY, it will be called. wanna help? well buzz me and let me know what you think. Remember its our world, we can change it, one step at a time. i'll be signing off here... see you next time.......stay dreaming.

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