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Sunday, February 23, 2014

It has been quite a while you might say, unless you are reading this blog for the first time, which i am pretty sure you are, i mean its not like i am a professional blogger, so why even bother, but lets get two things straight, first.......hmmm.....never mind, maybe later.

So wassup people? how was the new year? christmas? val? have you settled into the grind? school? work? none of the above? still tryna find your balance? Well, its all good we all are> except me, i've found mine, i'm a student and writer, thats all. Have you heard about the douchebag Sanusi? lol......i mean what was he thinking right/? if i had his job, i'd just shut my trap keep my head low,and be pious in my bedroom. Anyway, he better go back to his family and hope they dont send assasins after him, mumu.

Hope you went to church today? if you didnt, dont worry, the end is coming for you, its coming for you and you probably will die, not like its any great loss.

So to the main agenda. i mean, why would Real Sociedad beat Barcelona, chai! and of all things, this time of the season, plus i heard they did something stupid in one area of lagos like that, something about stealing pepper, na true? but na wa o! just ordinary pepper, our people no they try at all.

Meanwhile this is a test run, lemme knw wat you think about my writing/rambling style.

Visit my facebook wall Chikatito Jones for football facts this off to eat rice and finish liverpool match. see ya anytime!

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